Impeach free vector image

Around all this hype about impeachment, there was a need to make a drawing on this topic. Perhaps the picture will reap satirical, because in fact it is so. It may even offend some people. We are not retaking such a goal. The idea is very simple. The word impeachment resembles the word peach. Therefore, for comparison, I even attached two pictures so that everything was immediately clear. The catch is that the peach in the picture is associated with a crevice in the buttocks and the hairstyle on top complements the image that reminds President Trump from afar. Due to the fact that the peach resembles a crevice and, on the whole, it looks quite sharp, this picture was not accepted on shutterstock. I think the situation will be the same with other photo banks! All good mood and success!


Download vector EPS file from google drive

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